As customers demand more diverse device and service offerings, telecommunication companies must streamline their internal processes to effectively promote, sell and track revenue.

Luckily, there are backoffice platforms that facilitate this efficient approach and enable telecom organizations to closely track myriad sales channels, using the resulting data to generate new leads, draw in customers and find footholds in an ever-expanding market.

Telecom companies must cultivate and monitor new sales channels to account for current trends, like the rise of remote workers.Telecom companies must cultivate and monitor new sales channels to account for current trends, like the rise of remote workers.

Sales funnel management
Connected devices and web-based infrastructure continue to tighten their hold on modern society. Now, 70 percent of people, worldwide, have access to smartphones, using them to communicate with family and friends, shop and navigate cities, according to global survey data from Deloitte. And even newer, more seamless devices are becoming a part of daily life, as users tap into the Internet of Things to monitor their health, habits and homes.

Businesses are taking advantage of web-enabled devices as well, storing data and managing essential enterprise software via the public cloud or handing out mobile hotspots, smartphones and tablets to remote employees who now make up more than 35 percent of the U.S. workforce, according to data from Gallup.

These disparate developments have forced telecom companies to cultivate custom sales channels that cater to specialized groups with distinctive needs. Consequently, the salespeople who manage these channels work with different selling cycles and navigate the common sales funnel in unique ways. This complexity can lead to internal inefficiencies that impact revenue and long-term corporate stability.

To prevent such situations, telecom companies should adopt tools that allow them to manage funnel progression for separate sales channels. Telecom backoffice solutions provide these capabilities, allowing users to follow prospective customers as they make the transformation from leads to brand-loyal advocates.

Support for external sales agents and wholesalers
Many telecom companies have joined forces with third-party sales agents and wholesalers to cultivate new revenue streams outside of the consumer market. Of course, this approach places unique demands on internal sales tracking processes, as these systems must facilitate behind-the-scenes collaboration between telecom companies and their partners.

Backoffice solutions allow these two parties to interact within a back-end environment. This in turn enables telecom companies to maintain accurate, up-to-date sales records and coordinate complicated, multi-tier commission structures. These tools even allow users to process commission payments. Plus, they give both telecom companies and their external collaborators access to essential sales data.