At Precision Telecom Technologies, we strive to provide the best client support in the industry. Our motto "We succeed when our clients succeed," is at the core of all service and support activities. This philosophy shapes our entire support process including constant engagement and our drive for improvement with each client.

Our Client Solutions Experts average of over 10 years of telecommunication experience. In addition to our individualized support, we have a complete online help system that includes a User Guide, FAQs, and Release Notes. Our systems and support processes put our clients at the forefront of importance every time.

What makes our support special?
In order to ensure clients take full advantage of our solutions, every client has a dedicated Customer Solutions Expert (CSE) backed by a the entire Customer Solutions Team (CST). Our experts will have a full understanding of your business and are skilled project managers with a strong desire to help you meet your operational goals.

Our scheduled status calls and monthly reports ensure communication channels are consistently open. Our experts will help define and implement business processes to improve workflow, manage system customization projects, support data conversions, and will become an integral part of your team.

Although Customer Solutions Team regularly communicate with clients via the telephone and email, there will be a minimum of one face-to-face meeting per year. We believe this strategic meeting is critical to fosters a strong relationship, establish a deep understanding of your business needs, plan for future growth and ensure that we are well positioned to provide outstanding support.

What is the TBS Solution?
Our Telecommunications BackOffice Solution (TBS) was created with users in mind and allow our clients to track critical business information (CRM), automate and manage workflow (Tasks), provide accurate and timely invoicing (Billing), and supply sales teams tools to fuel growth (Channel Support). Access to information is permissioned based and readily available to enable support activities. Our system ensures the right information is available to the correct department for a seamless, efficient experience.

Why choose our BBS / OSS System?
The telecommunications industry is constantly changing and adapting to the latest technologies and user needs. We understand this and have created a system that meets today's operational needs and designed to be expanded as required. TBS strives to help users work as effective as possible.

We base our updates and enhancements on real world business values and the needs of our clients. We create these changes through an agile development system, releasing new features or enhancements every month.