Intends to leverage what he learned in the program to help clients discover growth opportunities and avenues for increasing revenue.

With the importance of data in the business world today, as well as the critical role it will play in business going forward, Kyle McCauley, a Customer Solutions Expert (CSE) at Precision, recently returned to school and earned a Master’s of Science in Business Data Analytics from West Virginia University.

WVU’s MS-BUDA program focuses on data mining, statistical analytics, data visualization and algorithmic-based machine learning, and also trains participants on communicating related findings to support business decisions and strategies.

Kyle McCauley picture
Kyle McCauley, CSE

“While pursuing the degree I learned a lot about the tools and resources available to analyze data and perform predictive analysis, and I’m eager to apply those lessons to help clients,” said McCauley. “My goal is to take the data that clients input daily and arrive at actionable insights that help them decide what to sell and how to sell it to achieve their growth objectives.”

McCauley added that the telecom business is fertile ground for turning raw data into analytics that can play a key role in decision making. “At Precision we intend to be very active in this area on behalf of clients,” he said.

In an effort to build upon the organization’s ability to more effectively serve clients, Precision financially supports the enrollment of employees in accredited programs that foster specific capabilities. Several employees have taken advantage of the program to pursue post-graduate degrees and certificates that advance their computer science, business management and project management expertise.

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