Last year we rolled out a LiveChat feature so clients could easily connect with our Client Solutions Team to get help in real time.  It has been a huge hit.  Clients increasingly use the feature to get fast responses to questions and how to’s.  For many, LiveChat has become the preferred method of communicating with Precision personnel.

We are excited to announce that we’ve integrated LiveChat into our TBS Customer and Agent Portals so clients can offer this support channel to their customers and channel partners.

There are three LiveChat subscription plans to choose from based on your desired features: Starter, Team, and Business.  You subscribe to a number of seats, which determines how many users can log into LiveChat at the same time.  For example, if you have 10 agents in your customer service department, you might only need three or four to use the chat feature simultaneously.  You can add or remove seats at any time, which is handy for service providers serving retailers and other organizations with cyclical or seasonal business activity.

LiveChat benefits include:
  • Customers (and/or agents) have an additional channel for reaching you in real time
  • Long queues are eliminated, improving customers service response times
  • Eight out of 10 cases are resolved on the spot, requiring no follow-up
  • LiveChat agents typically interact with 10x more people than a phone agent, improving cost efficiency
  • Supervisor feature allows ongoing chats to be supervised to train new agents and ensure quality
  • Pre-chat & post-chat surveys to gather valuable information and feedback

When agents are offline, LiveChat can turn into a help-desk tool and collect queries that can be answered once your agents are back online. Additionally, you can leverage the following features:

  • Message sneak peek – Agents can see what customers are typing and prepare answers before receiving their message, improving response times.
  • Canned responses – Create ready-to-use answers to the most common questions and label them with hashtags. This allows chat agents to respond quicker by typing # followed by the name of the appropriate response.
  • Tagging – Tags can be used easily to manage chats and tickets. You also can use filtering in reports or in your LiveChat archive to find a specific chat conversation.

At Precision, we’ve successfully leveraged LiveChat to enhance our support efforts. We’re convinced clients can do the same. If you would like to setup a trial LiveChat account associated with our integration, please reach out to your Precision contact.