Precision has integrated ArcGIS mapping software into its Telecom BackOffice Solution (TBS). The new integration gives network-provider clients the ability to document their fiber routes, switches, connection points and other facilities over a web-accessible map.

Prodigi map

The integration was originally implemented to meet the needs of Prodigi, a long-time client with growing fiber routes and facilities in West Virginia and Maryland. The company is leveraging the ArcGIS mapping integration to:

  • Map customer locations for more efficient service scheduling and truck rolls
  • Determine whether a location can be reached with fiber
  • Generate actionable data for network planning purposes
  • Quickly discover circuits and other products by location

The integration allows Prodigi to “connect” TBS billing data with the underlying network configuration, which speeds troubleshooting. For example, if a customer calls to report an Internet access problem, service reps and field technicians can quickly determine the fiber run and equipment connecting the customer to its network and resolve the problem swiftly.

“We asked Scott and his team to do this integration because we wanted to optimize efficiency in field activities as we continue to scale and build out our fiber network,” says Tim Wotring, President of Prodigi. “The integration enables our service techs to pull customer records in TBS, find their locations and pick the most efficient route when planning their day. It also gives them access to more actionable information on their tablets while working in the field. This ensures that both fieldworkers and office staff have the same data, which reduces errors and boosts productivity.”

The ArcGIS integration now is available to all clients. It is ideal for network providers with fieldworkers because it can digitally transform field operations to and improve workflows.