Update makes it easier to integrate TBS with provisioning and other systems developed and maintained by clients

Precision has enhanced its Telecommunications BackOffice Solution (TBS), a comprehensive cloud-based platform that helps service providers streamline and automate operations, to give clients the ability to more easily integrate it into their custom provisioning and other systems without having to engage Precision’s development team.

Prior to the update, service provider clients could add “Custom Links” to the TBS Menu and/or Site Footer. This feature can be used to link to any external urls (web pages) such as terms and conditions, client-specific help documentation, links to carrier sites, etc. These external pages can be opened in either a new window/tab or embedded in a TBS Iframe. Custom Links screenshot

The new enhancement takes this functionality to another level by allowing clients to embed customizable data forms into the TBS User Interface.  End users Custom Links screen shot 2can view, update and submit changes back to the external system. The data forms are defined and values returned using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Objects.

Hosted PBX Provider Use Case

A hosted PBX solution provider has several network resources including a VoIP platform, ENUM servers, radius servers, and/or other platforms used to deliver service. Its developers have created custom code/processes to activate, configure, change and disconnect service on those platforms.

In the past, if the provider wanted to give end-user customers the ability to self-configure their hosted PBX service (number of call paths, users, etc.), Precision’s developers would have to build integrations for each individual network resource rather than leverage the client’s existing code. Not anymore.

“The hosted PBX provider controls the process without having to engage our development team,” said Scott Trefz, president and CEO of Precision. “That empowers them to create provisioning systems that are specific to their needs and ultimately will save them a lot of time and money.”

For more details on the enhanced Custom Links feature, reach out to your Client Solutions Expert.