Many of Precision’s new service-provider clients bill manually from their QuickBooks accounting software. In most scenarios, they’re growing fast and eager to upgrade to an advanced billing solution. There’s just one problem: Very few Software as a Service (SaaS) billing companies offer QuickBooks integration with full line-item exporting capabilities.

Instead, they provide summary exports into QuickBooks. With summary exporting, a service provider billing 500 accounts in a bill run, for example, creates a single invoice that represents all the revenue in that billing cycle and exports it as one entry into QuickBooks. Similarly, received payments are grouped together on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and posted as a single entry.

This method is fine. In fact, summary exporting works well for many of Precision’s midsize service-provider clients. However, that’s not the case for many startups and small service providers. They’re used to getting more granular details in QuickBooks and leveraging them into reports for analysis and planning purposes.

For this reason, we have enhanced our QuickBooks integration to provide full line-item exporting, which allows clients to get the detail and reporting they are accustomed to after transitioning to our TelecomBackOffice Solution (TBS). It also makes onboarding to our system easier and simplifies the integration process when clients acquire companies that use QuickBooks.

“If desired, clients now can export all invoices, SKUs, customers, payments, address changes, etc., back to their QuickBooks software on their desktop computer,” said Scott Trefz, president and CEO of Precision. “This ensures they have access to all manner of detail and reporting without having to manually enter hundreds or thousands of records into QuickBooks every month. It also minimizes data integrity issues because their TBS and QuickBooks data are synced automatically at a detail level.”

If you would like to learn more information about our enhanced QuickBooks integration, reach out to us at 304.816.5066.