Occasionally we highlight some of the more important updates to our Telecommunications BackOffice System (TBS). They’re our Greatest Hits, so to speak, and worth a mention here.

Streamlined eBill Resend Capability

Our clients now can easily resend a billing email to a customer. Prior to our April update, the process was more time-consuming and therefore a trouble point for clients whose customers’ spam software sometimes capture ebills. Clients would have to log into TBS, find the account, download the invoice, compose a new email and attach the invoice again.

Now clients can simply lookup the account and resend the original email billing notice using our standard email templates (which have handy replacement values to communicate more information to the customer) versus doing it manually.

Commission Splits Made Easy

Some of our clients have multiple agents or direct salespeople and agents who work together to sell and close deals, requiring a commission split. Prior to our recent update, TBS did not support this. Now clients can tag any end-user customer account with multiple agents/salespeople and specify commission rates for each participant. This allows all manner of commission splits or sharing.

Every billing cycle, TBS calculates the commission splits and provides a quality assurance (QA) report for the client to review and approve or make adjustments for a “re-run.” Once approved, we generate reports that can be sent to agents or accessed online.

Currency Code Update

Because we are increasingly taking on clients with customers all over the globe, we have implemented more robust currency support and also updated the TBS user interface so it’s easier to discern the currency assigned to a customer, agent, charge, etc.

Prior to the enhancement, we supported multiple currencies based on inference from Culture Type settings. If a customer had a Canadian Culture setting, for example, we assumed Canadian dollars. This worked most of the time but occasionally resulted in currency mistakes.

Now currency types are defined and supported at the Company level. Our new Currency Code setting enables clients to specify the standard three-letter code (USD, CAD, EUR, etc.) for the currency their customer uses. Once defined, it will appear throughout TBS and in all product types, charges, commission calculations, invoices and reports associated with the customer.

This prevents users from assigning a CAD Agent to a USD Customer, or adding a USD charge to a Customer in Europe.

Note the Customer Inventory screen below with the new Currency column highlighted.

If you would like more information about any of the updates above, please visit our Release Page or contact your CSR.