At Precision Telecom Technologies, we understand that as your business grows, tasks and processes must be managed effectively. To facilitate better request management, Precision has created an all-in-one multifaceted Tasks module that can be configured to support practically any type of issue, request or process your company performs. Quote Requests, Order Management, Provisioning Projects, Trouble Resolution, and Collections activity are a few examples of Task Types used by our clients. Our goal is to enable efficient request processing and information tracking for every department.

Businesses rise and fall on the strength of their support and ticketing systems. One delayed quote request or order can result in lost revenue; delays resolving service outages can result in lost customers; inefficient collections processes hurt cash flow. To mitigate these risks we developed our “Tasks” module as a customizable platform flexible enough to support requests of all kinds. With Tasks, clients can implement streamlined support pathways for all types of processes. Regardless of the Task Type, clients can take advantage of several key features including:

  • Dashboard and Reporting - Charts and reports used by Management, Users, Customers, and Sales Agents
  • Status / Workflow / Service Level Goals - define and manage the life cycle for each task type including setting and monitoring Service Level Goals.
  • Assignments - assign work to one or more users and/or groups
  • Prioritization - define priorities for each Task Type, example priorities include: Expedite, Escalate, Important
  • Notes - associate notes with a particular request to track activity, communicate with other users, and to trigger “reminders” to ensure follow up is done in a timely manner.
  • Documents - associate documents with a particular request to ensure users have access to all relevant information associated with the request.
  • Email Notifications - email your team, the requestor, or other interested parties based on customized triggers.
  • Visibility and access permissions - provide permission-based access to Internal Users, Agents, and/or Customers as determined by business need. Permissions can be set to enable / disable view, add, edit and/or delete rights for all types of users.
  • Parent / Child Task Hierarchy - each Task can be associated in a Parent / Child hierarchy to better support more complex work flows (Quote Request spawns a New Service Order) and/or more complex Task Processing (Master Order triggers several sub Orders)
  • Customized Data Fields - each Task Type can have specific (auxiliary) data fields associated with that particular type of task.
  • Third Party Integrations - Task can be integrated with external partners via TBS Network Resources. This will allow a task to leverage a partner’s API to further automate activity. Integrations examples include: Linking a Quote Request Tasks to the MasterStream Quoting to pull pricing information and generate quotes; or using SalesForce to add new Customers/Order (Tasks) into TBS.
  • Auditing and Change History - the system automatically tracks full change history.

Telecommunication companies handle a diverse set of requests from Customers, Sales Agents, Partners, and Internal Users. Their management system should be able to handle each one quickly and efficiently while also providing management reporting and accountability. The TBS Tasks module provides this management system across a wide range of customizable request types as defined by business need.