In today’s interconnected world, no system can stand alone.

Business system integrations empower modern organizations to improve workflow, prevent information silos, decrease errors and reduce repetitive data entry. To help clients leverage interconnected systems and gain a competitive advantage, Precision supports multiple types of integrations.


TBS REST Service

Our robust, secure and well defined REST API allows outside systems developers to access the same data and business rules used by our web interface. Developers can programmatically access, add, modify and delete TBS data based on security permissions. This service allows clients to create customized applications including:

  • Portal sites for external users
  • Online sign-up and account activation
  • Automated provisioning processes

Custom Links

Clients can embed external web sites/pages inside of the TBS Customer, Agent, Wholesale, and/or Internal portals. These links can be setup as customized tabs (iFrame) or as menu options. This provides users with a single portal and allows for seamless navigation between multiple sites.


Network Resource Integrations

Our Network Resource Framework connects TBS to third-party APIs. Calls to external systems (APIs) are based on user actions (add/edit/save/delete) in TBS. Examples include:

  • Provisioning (activating/disconnecting) service within a switch
  • Managing E911 services
  • Synchronizing data to external systems


We support the import/export of QuickBooks data such as customer information, invoices, SKUs and payments.  Once all data is imported from a new client's QuickBooks, we begin exporting data back to the client's QuickBooks so it remains current. If a customer is added into the TBS system, or the customer's address changes, or a new SKU is added, or a payment is made, it automatically flows back to QuickBooks. Additionally, clients can run A/R reports in TBS and QuickBooks to ensure they match.


We have integrated LiveChat into our TBS system so clients can easily connect with our team members to get help in real time. LiveChat also is integrated into our Customer and Agent portals so clients can offer this  additional support channel to their own customers and partners.

ArcGIS Mapping

This integration gives clients the ability to document their fiber routes, switches, connection points and other facilities over a web-accessible map. It is ideal for network providers with fieldworkers because it can digitally transform field operations for better workflows.

Dash 911

Through our integration with Dash 911, we have the ability to add and update 911 information.