For Communications companies and their sales team, the ability to readily access customer information is vital. The proper distribution of information heightens sales channel awareness and creates a win-win environment: customers are more satisfied, the sales channel is more productive and the company is more profitable.

Precision’s Channel Support module is a set of web-based tools to empower internal sales, agents and wholesalers. Key features include:

  • Sales Portal
    • Home Dashboard with customized reports and charts to highlight trends and provide valuable data insights for the sales team.
    • Secure access to Customer Information (CRM)
    • Task submission and tracking
    • Standard and Customized Reporting (including Commission Reports)
    • Access to resources such as downloadable forms and documents.
  • Support for multi-tiered agents structures
  • Ability to associate one or more sales agents with a customer account
  • Product Catalog and Rate Lookup Tools
  • Support for many types of Commission Plans such as
    • Percentage based
    • One time account and/or line bonus
    • Re-term bonuses
    • Buy rate plans
  • Import and process external commission data
  • Commissions Processing and Delivery

Quality assurance is our top priority. Using the Commission Control Panel, clients manage their commission processing and verification with ease. These tools help identify data issues, review trends, and ensure accurate commission processing before statements are approved and delivered to the sales channel.

Sales is one of the most important departments of an organization and must be provided easy to use, yet powerful tools in order to provide a high level of support to potential and existing customers. The TBS Channel Support module provides these tools and can help supercharge your sales team.