When it comes to running a successful communications company, billing, taxing and invoice generation is critical. You can provide the best service and outstanding support, but billing errors or delays will undermine your success.

Precision's rating, taxing, and invoice creation engine is designed to ensure that your billing operations will operate smoothly and with a high level of quality. Our system is built for high volume, multi-cycle operations. Key features include:

  • Support for many different product/service types ranging from traditional Local and Long Distance to next generation VoIP and Cloud Computing services.
  • Fast, Accurate Processing with Flexible Reporting
  • Billing by Base (Business Unit)
  • Invoice Branding / Co-Branding
  • Multi-Cycle Billing
  • Corporate / Sub (Parent / Child) Account structures
  • Multi-Location Account Support
  • Full Taxation Support (using the Avalara Tax Engine)
  • Billing for both Retail and Wholesale clients
  • Processing of numerous carrier / cdr feeds
  • Several rating methods (Lata, OCN, NPANXX, Tier, Class, etc)
  • The ability to bill charges at different intervals (Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually, and Bi-Annually)

Using the Billing Control Panel, clients can manage their billing process and verification with ease. Clients can schedule “pre-runs” and review upcoming billing trends before final invoices are created and approved for delivery.

Quality assurance is our top priority. We provide tools such as: automated data verification, trending spreadsheets, billing charts, and invoice review tools to help clients identify trends and gain a deep understanding of revenue performance.

When it comes to billing and invoicing, speed, accuracy, quality control and revenue assurance is vital. Ensure accurate and timely invoice delivery with Precision’s billing and rating engine.