Precision has introduced daily call detail record (CDR) packages to assist clients with reporting and quality assurance. For the uninitiated, a CDR contains metadata on a telephone call or other telecommunications transaction. On a phone call, for example, it includes various attributes such as call time, duration, completion status, origination number and destination number, among other details. This data is critical for service providers because it’s the basis for generating invoices and revenue.

We have always made this reporting available to clients and insist that they review it before approving a bill run. But the daily CDR package is a more proactive way to give clients ample notice and time to address billing errors so they can be as accurate and profitable as possible.

Service provider traffic generally is consistent. Many service providers see higher volumes on Monday and Friday or big dips on certain days depending on whether their traffic is business oriented or residential. By glancing through daily CDRs they can pick up on anomalies and resolve problems right away. They also can spot (and rectify) other issues including:

  • Missing call records from an underlying carrier for a day.
  • Call volume much higher than expected, indicating something could be amiss including fraud if the calls are not being monitored closely at the switch level.
  • Calls after disconnect dates that go unnoticed for a period of time and get expensive if not resolved quickly.
  • CDR status errors such as a customer making international calls to locations that aren’t rated and therefore cannot be billed (even though your underlying carrier is charging you for them).

By pushing out CDRs daily, we aim to minimize these kinds of problems and their impact on our clients’ revenue and profit margins.

Image Copyright: lkeskinen / 123RF Stock Photo