We publish new release notes to our help system monthly but have decided to blog about some of the more important ones from time to time. They’re our Greatest Hits, so to speak, and worth highlighting but you should check out all updates on our Release Page.

In our September “Breakout” release, we enhanced the way Charges & Plans can be added to products, which streamlines and speeds up data entry for clients. Prior to this change, if clients wanted to add charges to a phone line, for example, they had to hunt through a long list of charge items before finding the right one. For clients with thousands of charge items, this could take quite a bit of time.

Now, however, the interface has been updated to allow a “smart search,” wherein a user can start keying in a charge and it automatically populates into a temporary grid. The grid also is editable so users can override the charge values and change the pricing, quantities, active dates, etc., and then save all the changes at one time. It’s a much more efficient entry process and a huge time saver.

In our August “Asteroids” release, we updated our customer portal to allow corporate accounts the ability to view their sub-account detail information. After logging in as a corporate account, a new “Currently Viewing” selection box appears at the top right allowing the user to see the entire corporate view or any number of selected individual sub-accounts.

Prior to the update, if a company had 30 Subway franchises, for example, whomever logged in from corporate could only see the corporate invoice. Records including trouble/task tickets, orders, products, account information and billing statements from each individual store were not available.

That’s not the case anymore. From the new “Linked Accounts” menu option, corporate can select which of the accounts/locations in their organization they want the portal to show, giving them the ability to view detail for each of the 30 stores if desired.

At Precision we are constantly updating and enhancing our systems to help clients Take it to the Limit. We’ll be sure to share more of our greatest hits in future blogs.