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Our lives have changed a lot in the past few weeks. Most of us are stuck in our home to avoid and halt the spread of COVID-19 as it paralyzes the economy, unleashing what is easily the worst crises since the Great Recession of 2008, if not since the Great Depression.

Nevertheless, it’s impressive how our service-provider clients have adapted to deliver “business as usual” service and exceptional support to their end customers, many of whom are suffering and distressed due to government mandated closures and/or lockdowns preventing people from participating in ordinary commerce.

In many cases, their efforts throughout the pandemic have been Herculean. Early on, their first priority was to take care of their teams and families, of course. They took cues from the CDC on disinfecting the workplace and made arrangements to help employees with childcare needs as schools closed suddenly. They started rotating staff in the office and sent most or all their people home to work remotely when the pandemic accelerated. Throughout the process, they quickly ironed out any remote work enablement hitches discovered along the way and performed remarkably well for their teams, partners and customers.

Many continue working long hours to enable and support healthcare organizations with employees on the front lines of the pandemic, as well as other companies deemed essential in this environment. They’re also going to great lengths to equip and support “unessential” companies with the technology and services needed to continue operating and save their businesses. We’ve also seen clients volunteer to assist many organizations and even help set up a field hospital at no charge.

During a time of division and antagonism in our public discourse, it’s been uplifting to see colleagues act so selflessly to help others in need.

There are many challenges ahead, especially for our clients that serve the retail sector and other verticals that have been decimated by the pandemic. But we know they’ll do what they always do: rise to the occasion. We’ve seen it many times since opening our shop nearly 20 years ago, and this will be no different.

As always, they can count on us to do everything in our power to help them along the way.