Zultys is a global provider of all-in-one unified communications solutions. Innovative, reliable and scalable, the company’s IP phone systems integrate voice, video, data and mobility — in a single premise-based appliance, as a virtualized instance, or hosted in the cloud— to optimize collaboration and deliver an easy-to-use, powerful and feature-rich communications system for businesses of all sizes.

Indeed, the company has become one of the most successful and fastest growing providers of business communications systems in the country.

About four years ago, Zultys management decided to evolve from a hardware-oriented company into a hybrid that offered cloud services as well as premise-based solutions. The organization’s engineering team built a hosted or virtual version of its MX PBX platform and deployed infrastructure in datacenters in preparation for offering cloud PBX services identical to its premise-based phone system, as well as unified communications and contact center solutions.

However, the billing piece presented some challenges when the company started subscribing cloud-service customers directly, and management decided to deploy a new billing system. That’s when Precision entered the picture through a referral from an existing client.

“We already had a substantial organization selling on-premise PBXs and other gear, but the telecom services subscription model was new,” explains Pavel Matsienok, vice president of cloud operations. “We needed a robust telecom billing and CRM system to support rapid growth in cloud subscription services, and a partner that could help us with the transition. In Precision we found both. We evaluated Precision’s TBS system and thought it was really strong. We also were impressed with their people and ended up engaging them to perform business consulting services related to workflow design and internal communications processes as we implemented their system.”

Matsienok adds that Precision’s REST API was particularly useful. His team integrated it into the organization’s sales systems and customer-facing portal so they could easily generate quotes with taxes and provide multiple web resources to customers with a single sign-on authentication. “You would be surprised at how unusual that is when you’re dealing with multiple systems,” he says. “A lot of companies struggle with it.”

Zultys’s cloud services line of business was up and running quickly and the company has experienced incredible growth ever since. Its first bill run with Precision was in October of 2014. Since then, Zultys has doubled sales volume every year.

That kind of growth can be difficult to manage but the Precision solution and team help make it easy, according to Matsienok.

“Our back office runs smoothly, our billing process is fast and accurate, and whenever we run into a challenge Precision’s support team addresses it quickly and effectively,” he says. “We appreciate that because with many vendors, you open a ticket and get a call from a level 1 or level 2 support person who is following a script and isn’t capable of helping you. So you have to escalate to a level 3 and sometimes level 4 person who understands what needs to be done. With Precision, our personal account manager is capable of handling just about anything we need. That’s representative of our entire experience with Precision. It’s a company with a strong product and a talented, responsive team. We’re fortunate that one of their other clients referred us to them.”