In just five years, Edge Communications has quietly become one of the hospitality industry’s pre-eminent communications technology providers. The company was founded in 2012 with a new concept of a true fully managed end-to-end telecom and IT service. Edge designs, installs and manages a “private cloud” of voice and data, WiFi, network security, and network monitoring and management for its customers. This approach has had great appeal to the operators of luxury hotels, resorts and high-end boutiques who demand the highest quality of service but prefer not to be responsible for the complexities of technology.

Indeed, as omnipresent as the company is in the hospitality industry, odds are good that you’ve unknowingly relied on Edge’s network and solutions while traveling for business or pleasure.

In a Past Life
In 2012, Edge launched with seasoned industry pros at the helm including Vice President of Network Services Joe Mullin. Prior to joining Edge, he worked at Covista Communications when the carrier had an in-house billing and operations support system (OSS). The in-house system produced many rating errors resulting in lost revenue, and, among other problems, was expensive to maintain and develop as the company’s needs changed, according to Mullin. He asked Precision’s CEO and President Scott Trefz to help with the system and eventually Covista’s management team decided to migrate to Precision’s Telecommunications BackOffice System (TBS).

“We had around 70,000 customers at the time and the team at Precision cut them over to their TBS system without a hitch,” explains Mullin. “They were able to solve some complex rating and system requirements and did a terrific job, which is why I looked them up when we got started with Edge Communications. Based on their capabilities and my prior experience with them, it was an easy decision to get Precision involved with our billing and back-office operations.”

Simplifying Complexities
Edge was a startup so it didn’t require a customer migration to Precision’s cloud-based system. But the company’s evolution has presented other challenges. Over the years it has grown quickly and added all manner of additional cloud services and managed services to support and invoice. Also, midway through the partnership, Edge began providing wholesale services to a large information and communications technology (ICT) company that delivers a range of services to a major airport and all of its tenants.

The airport invoices its tenants for services that are anything but conventional. Complicating matters, the offerings also require different charge inventories for Edge, the wholesale customer, and its tenants.

“The complexities of serving this one wholesale account from a support and billing standpoint are considerable,” explains Karen Sledge, vice president of finance and administration at Edge. “But Precision always finds a way to simplify things for us. Together, we resolved all of the technical challenges quickly and started supporting and billing the tenants on behalf of the airport without any trouble. There’s a portal where the tenants can self-manage if they desire. We have all their history and data at our fingertips so if they call with a question or request we can help them right away. And the reporting features in the TBS system are phenomenal. We create and pull reports constantly, and they’re very helpful.”

More recently, developers at Precision created an order/trouble ticketing solution for Edge’s support center and field technicians. The development was such a success that Edge is in the process of moving those functions from an in-house system to Precision.

“There’s nothing the team at Precision can’t do,” says Sledge. “In fact, I don’t know where we would be without them. They bend over backwards for us. It’s one of the best professional partnerships I’ve ever experienced.”