Precision is focused on helping Telecommunications Companies implement new products & strategies, grow revenue, increase customer loyalty, and improve profitability.

Our clients are tier 2 / 3 telecommunications companies based in US and Canada, and may have an international presence.

Clients range in size from start-ups to large, well established organizations. Our Telecom Backoffice Solution (TBS) has many configuration options to effectively support this wide range of clients. We successfully support clients with:

  • 5 to 250 employees
  • 100 to 250,000 customers/end users
  • $20,000 to $12,000,000 in invoiced monthly revenue

Our clients sell and support a wide array of telecommunications services. In 2001, Precision started by supporting “Traditional” telecommunications companies, specifically Local / Long Distance providers. In 2007, the industry started to migrating from these traditional services to “Next Generation” services using VoIP and Cloud based technologies.

Precision invests in ongoing research and development to make sure we provide a modern platform to our clients. Our solution is very flexible and includes our “Integrated Product” design that allows us to support Traditional Services, Next Generation Services, or a combination of both. Additionally, our Integrated Product design allows us to quickly build support for new products or services which helps our client significantly reduce the time to market for new services.

Services currently offered by our clients include:

  • VoIP Providers (SIP Trunks, Hosted PBX, etc)
  • Cloud Computing Providers (Hosted desktops, virtual machines, etc)
  • Local / Long Distance Resellers and Facilities based Providers
  • Internet Providers
  • Wireless Carriers
  • Conference Calling Companies
  • Cable Companies

The telecommunications industry is constantly changing and adapting to the latest technologies and user needs. We understand this and have created a system that meets today’s operational needs and is designed to be expanded as required.

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